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Services & Investment

I strive to meet the needs of each individual, whatever their photographic needs may be. The following are examples of services and estimated investment for each.  Whatever your situation is, I'll work with you!

        head shots

Every family is different.  Whether there are two or six of you, I will give my all to capture your unique chemistry.  I work with each client to find a location that best represents their personality.  






Head shots can be dull and seem fake without a photographer who can connect with your personality.  Let me work with you to bring out the self you want clients to know!




All photographic service investments are based on time required and number of images.  Contact me to discuss your needs and we'll make the best package just for you!


30 minutes & 5 images - $99  This option is usually good for head shots/social media imaging.


1 hour & 10-15 images - $199  This package is good for portraits, modeling and newborns.


2 hours - up to 30 images - $299  This option does well for events and longer modeling sessions.

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